Frequently Asked Questions


How much is shipping?

Please refer to our shipping page here.

How do you ship?

We ship via UPS, Canada Post and Vitran LTL. Tracking number is provided as soon as your order is dispatched. If you did not receive a tracking number within 3-4 business days please email or call us. You can log in to the account you created on the site to track your order, once it is dispatched. Please allow 24-48 hrs for your tracking information to appear, once your order has been dispatched.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, T4B only ships to Canada and the US.

What is a PDI and why do I have to pay it?

All motorized vehicles purchased in-store are built and undergo extensive testing with our licensed mechanics, to ensure that your item meets our quality and safety standards. All of our PDI’d (Pre-Delivery Inspection) items are further guaranteed with a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

I placed an order on your website, but the order failed to process?

The main reason for an order not going through, is because your shipping address did not match the billing address for your credit card. Two ways to rectify this issue:

  • Change the shipping address to match the billing address. You can request an alternate shipping address in the special instructions, or email [email protected] immediately after placing your order, to request an alternate shipping address.
  • Email [email protected] and provide a copy of your driver's license, as well as a front-to-back copy of your credit card. This is a standard procedure for verification, and protects you from credit card fraud. If we cannot verify your details, we will not ship and your credit card will not be processed.


What payment methods do you accept?

In-store; we accept cash, debit, Visa, Master Card. Online, we accept Visa and Master Card.

Do you offer financing?

At this time, Toys 4 Boys does not offer financing.

Electric Bikes and Scooters

How long does the battery charge last?

The battery charge is determined by these defining factors:

  • The distance you’ve riden
  • How fast you’re going
  • How often you stop/start
  • The terrain
  • How much or how little you pedal
  • How much you weigh

On average, most of our e-bikes and scooters will get you 30-50 km on a single charge, and should last about 3-5 years with proper maintenance.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

Depending on the make/model, on average it takes anywhere from 5-8 hours to charge the battery for most e-bikes and scooters. All of them can be charged using a standard outlet, and can be charged either on the e-bike/scooter, or can be removed to charge.

Will the battery charge while I pedal the bike?

Your battery is charged by the supplied wall charger, and while pedaling will conserve your battery life, it won’t actually charge your battery. Even under ideal conditions, the recharge amount would be exiguous.

Will the battery charge while I brake, like a Tesla?

Some models with direct drive hub motors have regenerative braking, which feeds kinetic energy in to the battery (KERS) while the regenerative brake is engaged. However, because the amount of brake time on a bike is so little compared to that of a car, the recharge amount is nowhere near the amount you would get with your wall charger.

How much does it cost to charge the battery?

On average, it costs roughly 15¢ to fully charge the battery on your e-bike or scooter. If you were to charge it every night, that would come out to $4.50 a month. Compare that to the average $60-$90 to fill up your gas tank!

Do I have to register my e-bike/scooter?

Not at all. In Canada, all provinces in an attempt to reduce vehicle emissions have dropped driver’s license and registration requirements on e-bikes. In Alberta, you must be 16 years or older to ride an e-bike and must wear a helmet. That’s it! That’s the only requirement. Check with your province and jurisdiction, as age requirements may vary. If you would like to insure your bike from theft, only then is registration required.

Where can I ride my scooter?

Most of our electric scooters can be ridden anywhere bikes and e-bikes are permitted. As they don’t go any faster than 32 KPH, it would be wise to avoid highways. Check with your local jurisdiction’s transportation laws, if you are unsure.

Mobility Devices

Where can I use my mobility scooter?

In Alberta, on a mobility device, you are considered a pedestrian. Anywhere a pedestrian can go: you can go. This includes, but is not limited to: sidewalks, bike paths, grocery stores and the mall. For other provinces and states, please check your local jurisdiction.

Can I bring my mobility scooter on an airplane?

On most Canadian and US airlines: yes! You will have to make arrangements in advance with the airline, and in some cases, fill out a form for your mobility scooter and take photos. You will want to check back frequently, as airlines will change their policies from time to time. For more general information, click here. For Air Canada's policies, click here. For WestJet's policies, click here.

Is my mobility scooter covered under my medical insurance?

In some cases: yes. Different insurance providers have different policies. Contact your personal insurance representative for more information.

Can I claim my mobility scooter on my taxes?

Yes. The cost of your scooter can be claimed for a disability tax credit in most provinces.


How do I get on the hoverboard?

If you are getting on a hoverboard for the first time, place the hoverboard close to something you can hold on to (like a table or wall) to steady yourself. Place one foot on one side (whichever is your dominant foot, for easier stabilization) close to the wheel. The balancing sensors are close to the wheels, so a wide stance is ideal. Quickly place the other foot on the other side, again, close to the wheel. The board will auto-balance in the direction your body is leaning, and where you are shifting your weight. The further you lean, the faster you’ll go.

How do I get off the hoverboard?

The safest way to disembark, especially if you are getting off the hoverboard for the first time, is to quickly step backwards. Stepping forward to disembark, is the easiest way to injure yourself. Our hoverboards’ battery indicators flash orange and beep when it’s time to charge the battery, so don’t wait when you hear it. You get no other warning, other than an unintended nose job.

Can I ride a hoverboard in wet conditions?

The short answer is - no. While some of our hoverboards feature off-road tires, keep in mind that where you plug your board in to charge it, is completely exposed and should be kept dry. Our boards that have Bluetooth speakers, have exposed speaker vents. So: No puddles, and no riding in the rain. Remember, your warranty does not cover water damage.

I read a story on the internet that says hoverboards catch fire! Are your hoverboards safe?

All of our new Hoverbird™ hoverboards come with batteries that have undergone strict testing in order to meet the standards necessary to receive UL certification. As the largest distributor for hoverboards in Canada, we can proudly say that none of our hoverboards have caught fire. In fact, no hoverboards bought and purchased in Canada have, to date, caught fire. For more information on UL certification, click here.

Can my five-year-old ride your hoverboard?

That depends on how much your five-year-old weighs. Ideally, the hoverboards are rated for a rider 70 lbs. and up, so the balance sensors may cause the hoverboard to shake, if the rider is too light to register.


How old should you be, to ride a quad/dirt bike/buggy?

In Alberta, if you are riding on public land, you must be over 14 to operate an ATV without parental supervision. However, there are no age restrictions if you are on private land, or if you have parental supervision. After May 2017, all ATV riders will be required to wear a helmet. For other provinces, please check your local jurisdiction.

Where can I ride my quad/dirt bike/buggy?

In Alberta, you may operate your quad on private land without registration or insurance. You must insure and register your ATV if you plan on operating it on public land, such as a campground. ATVs are prohibited from bike trails and highways. For other provinces, please check your local jurisdiction.

What do I need to insure and register my ATV?

When you purchased your ATV, you were provided with a copy of your bill of sale that included your S/N or VIN, and your sales representative's signature. You were also given a New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS) form. You need both of these documents to register and insure your ATV, in Alberta. For other provinces, please check your local jurisdiction.


What does my warranty cover?

Please refer to our warranty page here.

Is my battery covered?

With the exception of our Vorpal, Stromer, Pedego and BH Easy Motion E-Bikes, batteries are generally not covered under warranty.


What is your return policy?

Please refer to our returns and exchanges page here.